The Little Book of Energy Medicine – Expelling the Venom

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Have you ever just wished a book would tell you what it’s about… in … say … ten pages or less … and then go on to show you what it meant with pictures in the next… like … 50-ish pages?

Then, this is the book for you!

In fact, I will struggle not to write more words about it than are inside it!

The Little Book of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden w/ Dondi Dahlin is a gem. It’s pretty. It’s small. It has photos and illustrations. And, it’s “Mom-approved“. I should coin that… like a Heather’s Pick, ya know? In fact, I think I’ll tag it and all those in future that come to me via my mom. There’s been a fair number in the past, too… that would take some time. But then again, I have some time, now that I’m laid off.

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