Staging Your Comeback – Women Over 45… Rejoice!

This is – HAND’S DOWN – the BEST beauty book for women over 45 or anyone else who wants tips on looking fantabulous!

I rarely wear make-up and I STILL ***love*** looking at it!


The Self-Help Whisperer®

Staging Your Comeback by Christopher Hopkins (The Makeover Guy®) is a book I searched for… for years. Sure, I’d watched every one of his makeover videos on YouTube (and there are thousands) and they were awesome… but how could I get all the info in one place, to reference again and again? Oh, a book… that old thing? Ha!

I don’t even know how I first happened across him but once I did, I knew I needed this book. Not easy to find in my northeastern neck of the (not-USA) woods. My patience paid off though, as I am now a proud owner!

Ladies, this is a book for you… but not every woman buys it for herself. In listening to the interviews given to each woman by Hopkin’s partner in life and love, Robert, it seems that quite a few have been gifted this book or a…

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