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Grant Cardone is a force.

His YouTube is filled to the brim with content that will either turn you on or turn you off. There is no “in between” with this guy… love him or hate him… it’s your gain or your loss. He’s gonna go on with or without you. And he’ll be taking his private plane to do it, thankyaverymuch.

Me? I love him. Or maybe I should say, the sales-y part of me loves him. And love may not be the right word, either. I appreciate him. No, wait. I appreciate what he says. <<< Yes, that feels right.

I’d never heard of Cardone before 2016. That year, I met a man who would affect my career and my dreams. I say that because I literally dreamed about him and that job for 2+ years after I left. His name was (and is, I’m assuming…

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