24/6 – What the world needs now…

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“One day a week, we’d turn off the technology in our lives. We called it our “technology Shabbat.” From sundown on Fridays to sundown on Saturdays, we shut down every cellphone, iPad, TV, and computer in the house. This practice has been profoundly life-changing for us. It resets my soul each week.” ~Tiffany Shlain

I bought 24/6 by Tiffany Shlain for obvious reasons. Or maybe not.

I have a love/hate relationship with technology and in particular, social media. Mostly because I became addicted to it. More on that in a moment.

In doing some research for this post, I found out that I have been on Facebook since October 2014. This was a surprise to me because before that, I’d been on Facebook for a year, at most, before tearing it all down. And then, going back because I missed it so much and starting all over again.

Remember, I…

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