A Note to My Followers

I would have said, “A short note to my followers” but you know me. I don’t DO “short”.

I have made some changes around here in anticipation of an exciting announcement being made in the waning days of 2022… and yes, we’re almost there. Can you believe it?

I’d been thinking about this for a while, actually… the changes, I mean.

I’m reminded of a story I told when I first began this blog. I won’t delve deeply, as you can read all about it HERE. The bottom line was – and is – that I was floundering with the underlying vision of my former blogs. And, as it turns out, the same thing happened here, on this blog, purely by accident.

I hadn’t realized it… because I was in the thick of it, of course. It’s like how you don’t notice the imperceptible changes in someone you see every day. Maybe they’ve lost weight, for example, and it isn’t until you have some space between you (of time or literal space) that you suddenly say to yourself, “Holy cow! How did I NOT notice *this* before?”

Know what I mean?

Here, in our little corner of the internet, I knew what I wanted when I started: A blog about self-help books and tools (of all stripes). Most of my posts hit the mark perfectly.

But others? Well, let’s just say I’d taken a wrong turn and ended up in quicksand. Or, a swamp, cold, dark, and dank.

Therefore, I have spent the better part of the last two weeks sweeping through my posts and removing those that don’t edify our community. As such, you’ll notice many (most) of my “Bio Moment” and “Easy like Sunday” posts are gone. The wonderful interviews I have done remain, of course, as I feel they are filled with inspiration!

I know some of you will be saddened by this but I assure you, there is a method to my madness… if indeed it *is* madness. I have been carefully following what my readers appreciate most and it turns out – no surprise – it’s the books and tools, not my personal stories. In fact, at any given time, if you look to the right in the “Visitors are reading these posts TODAY” area, you will see the section is filled with … what else? … books and tools.

So, I hope you will continue to support me in this effort… and rejoice with me when I come back with my announcement later this season!

Please know that I am gathering new books to read and write about. In the meantime, I will continue adding photos, reblogging books, and writing poetry and haiku for the masses. That would be YOU! Thank you for being here!

PS: An unintended annoyance is that I linked some Bio Moments & Easy like Sundays in the remaining posts. Some of those links will no longer exist. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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