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My mom suggested I meet Dougall Fraser through his memoir titled, “But You Knew That Already“. I added his book Your Life in Color on my own. Let me just say … they fit perfectly together!

There aren’t many 6’6″ baby-faced, funny, gay psychics who also see and interpret colors out there… at least I don’t think so… so this guy is kind of special.

In But You Knew That Already we meet a sweet and vulnerable 20-year-old man (in 2005) who struggles with his weight, sexuality, direction in life, and psychic abilities.

We learn about his long and winding journey to psychic fandom and finding the love of his life, not to be confused with finding love for himself, which included the realization that he is gay, coming out to friends and family, and losing weight.

Slight digression about Fraser’s weight loss: Shedding other’s beliefs about who…

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