Finding Muchness – Short & Sweet!

If I were going to recommend the shortest, sweetest, most childlike (but with powerful adult-approved and appreciated sentiments), and adorably illustrated book, it would be Finding Muchness written by Kobi Yamada (and illustrated by Charles Santoso).

The subtitle of this little gem is “How to add more life to life” and it certainly does that, as we adventure along with our joyful duckling friend who shares nuggets of insight and wisdom along the way.

This is not a deep book, although it could be. It’s all about how you receive it!

Each page is an invitation to take what is said in whatever direction you choose.

For example: “How you do one thing is how you do everything. And anything worth doing is worth doing well.” I actually turned that corner of the page. I wanted to remember to share this because I fully believe it! It’s quite something when you grasp that concept!

You may suggest it’s pablum and you wouldn’t be wrong… but… let me ask you this…

Do you do EVERYTHING to the best of your abilities?

If you’re human – and I know you are! – there are days you’re grumpy, tired, feeling ill… or perhaps impatient, hurrying…

How many times have you made a mistake and later realized it was COMPLETELY avoidable.

If only…

Woulda/ Coulda/ Shoulda.

Know what I mean?

Part of my mindfulness practice this year (2022: Year of Mindfulness) includes taking my time. This is something that was NOT passed down through the generations. My grandmother and mother were whirlwinds of energy when younger. They found they had to be more careful (and more to the point – slower) as they age(d).

Me too. Oh, Lordy, me too! I have taken more than my share of topples in the last several years. Mom, too. My grandmother before her.

Gone are the days of rushing. Don’t bother trying… it never turns out well. Ain’t it the truth?

What this book does so beautifully is that it asks you to …


Sit in a chair next to the fire… perhaps a soft light overhead… blanket on your lap… cocoa or wine in hand… and turn the pages slowly… savoring every moment.

Further, it suggests you take the words to heart.

That might be a little more difficult.

There is nothing new in this book… you’ve heard it all before. But there’s something about this duckling, who lovingly says something you know to be true but you’ve forgotten, or put on the back burner, or thrown out the window.

The little guy speaks truth.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is another in my pile o’ books at my bedside. It can be picked up and opened to any page at any time.

What a lovely reminder.


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