The Afterlife of Billy Fingers & My Life After Death – Only if you listen

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“Beliefs are big on earth. People collect them. Some of these beliefs are helpful, but others just keep you running around trying to follow rules that others have laid down. They don’t have a lot of personal meaning. It’s a good idea to sort through your beliefs now and then and throw out the ones that don’t serve you.”
Annie Kagan,The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death

“[I realized] that a lot of the pain I suffered when I was alive was a result of not listening to my heart and my emotions and letting my brain run away with itself. As soon as I was able to think with my heart instead of my head, I got it. I even understood the true nature of suffering. I understood that suffering is caused by resisting what you’re struggling against…

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  1. You already know that all my works are channeled in about the time it takes to write them down ~ but for a particularly definitive experience, see my search bar for “Words of Will the Woodworker” and “Writing of Words of Will the Woodworker.” Cheerio!

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