Interview – Kathryn Leigh Scott: Supernatural Beauty

To go along with Ms. Scott’s book I re-blogged earlier today!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

We first met Kathryn Leigh Scott in my post about her beautiful book HERE and then later, in my shameless teaser about this interview HERE. With everything we learned in those two posts, you may think there’s nothing else to learn. Au contraire!

Everyone I’ve interviewed and written about in this space are **very important people!**. Some are a little more well-known than others. Kathryn Leigh Scott is among the latter… but that doesn’t mean you know all there is to know! And, isn’t that wonderful?

In keeping with “A little mystery is a good thing” and not wanting to overstay my welcome, I kept my questions to Ms. Scott to a minimum. After reading her book and rewatching an episode or two of the originalDark Shadows (*swoon*), I pared my original list of many, many questions down to just five… okay, with two bonus questions. Alright, yes…

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