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My friend Roger told me about this book.

Can I just stop for a moment and gush on serendipity? If it weren’t for my dearest, long-time friend Betsy, who saved me in my teenaged years, introducing me to Roger, who has already become one of my favorite people on the planet, I might never have found this book.

And… that would have been a shame!

Folks, I opened it three days ago straight from the mailbox (and in front of four other books in various stages of read-ing-ness piled on my bedside table) and didn’t put it down until this morning, when I finished it (along with a box of Kleenex needed for the tears I couldn’t stop.)

Ah, tears. So needed right now… so cleansing… but I digress.

Now With You Now Without by Kathryn Leigh Scott captivated me from page one. No, seriously…

Page 1.

It was…

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