Self-Help: Another Little Thing (and a Bigger Thing, too!)

Isn’t that a lovely little candle holder in my featured photo?

What you don’t know is that it was never a candle holder at all. It was – actually – a cupcake holder that held (what else?) a yummy mini cupcake!

As so often happens, there’s a story to go with this one.


Once upon a time, I worked in an office. (Actually, it’s been for the last year or so). Most of the office had gone home to work during the pandemic. I began at the tail end of the worst of it and opted to stay in the office, as my husband works from home and our internet sucked eggs. He was having enough trouble staying logged in. I didn’t want to add to it.

About six months ago, when it was clear he could not continue with the internet we had, we upgraded. He was happy!

I continued to work from the office, as I had a set desk that was all gussied up with my favorite things, and very private, being way back in the building, sensibly separated from anyone else. Also, I was right by the copy machine, and that came in very handy, indeed as I was putting together my notebook of … well… notes!

And finally, I never minded the drive. The office is a leisurely 20-minute drive through residential streets only.

Anywho, my co-workers were starting to trickle back to the office on what is called a “hybrid” schedule, where they worked from home for three or four days and came into the office the other day (or days).

On the first day that my team was due to come in, it was kinda a party atmosphere… with chips, dips, and (you guessed it!) cupcakes, which were served in these darling little holders.

I was immediately reminded of a candle holder and decided to add a little something to my desk – a pretend candle in the holder, which is what you see.

But the story doesn’t end there!

Obviously. You know me. LOL

As I talked to my supervisor during a one-on-one meeting last month, I mentioned how I had fallen last winter outside the doors and wasn’t relishing the upcoming winter drive (and walking into – and out of – the office). She said… “Why don’t you consider going on the hybrid schedule?” I usually had a visceral, “I CAN’T” reaction to that question. This time, something clicked. “Why NOT?” We’d updated our internet. I had my library (second bedroom) I could work out of? Why not, indeed?

And so, two weeks ago, I began. It’s been bumpy… but OH SO WORTH IT.

People, it’s like… being at home! But working. LOL And it’s GLORIOUS! It brings a whole different dynamic to the job! Not to mention temperature control (the office is FREEZING all the ding-dong time!), access to a private bathroom, kitchen, husband, and cats! No perfumes. No voices in competition for attention. In short… well… it’s been said…

It’s awesome!

Why didn’t I do this before?

Talk about a self-help boost!!

So, yeah, these are the “little ways” in which I help myself.

And one big one!

I hope you’re coming up with some little (and big) ways to help yourself, too.


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