Time to Break Some Rules, Sweetie! – Breaking some of my own rules!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Make a serious effort to protect your psyche from the harshness of life. Too much news can be depressing. Find other websites or TV programs. Trust me pumpkin, the less you fill your head and your thoughts with dark or disturbing imagery, the better. – Rebecca Pavlik (pg. 322)

Let’s begin at the beginning. Rebecca Pavlik contacted me and asked that I read and review her first book Time to Break Some Rules, Sweetie! After hearing what the book was about… I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure it “fit”.

You guys know me. I’m nothing if not fully-attached to – and deeply respectful of – my feelings. If something doesn’t feel right, I listen. Usually. Hey! This isn’t about me! Let’s move on!

In choosing books to write about, I have to feel that “hook”. In this case, I just… didn’t. You’ll wonder why. I’ll tell you later.


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