The I Ching Workbook – It’s Complicated

I have a deck of cards using I Ching and also The I Ching Workbook by RL Wing – both given to me by my mother.

Mom has had extraordinary experiences using both and I hoped for the same. However, I had some issues. It’s complicated. I’ll be explaining about that in a moment.

I suppose the first place to begin is at the beginning. What **is** I Ching?

And a little sidenote before we begin… it’s not pronounced as you would expect.

How to pronounce I Ching

Okay, now onto a definition:

The I Ching, or Yi Jing, is one of the oldest books in the history of religious thought, but it was not until the seventeenth century that it attracted the attention of Western scholars, most notably the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), the inventor of the binary number system. Only in the twentieth century have mainstream thinkers such as C. G. Jung, the father of modern psychotherapy, regularly consulted the Book of Changes. In the past twenty years, catching the wave of the New Age movement, the I Ching has become the focus of various occult and pseudo-scientific thought systems. (LINK)

Whether you use charts or books and coins or sticks or cards… it’s ultimately going to lead to the same place. This is where I want to begin.

At the end.

The *outcome* is the part that blows my mind. For some reason, this modality seems to be so in tune with the soul that it taps into exactly what YOU need. Not in a general way, either. In a specific, detailed way.

Getting there, however, has been my bug-a-boo. And, not gonna lie. It’s been a significant detriment.

WHAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW… It CAN be overcome!

But getting there… is another thing.

Here’s a “cheat sheet” my mom gave me. This might give you a slight indication of what has always blocked me. It’s… uh… numbers. See, I have a learning disability (LD) in the areas of math and spelling. Thank God for spell check and calculators.

You catch my drift.

I finally got the hang of the cards. They don’t have a chart, just the little book that accompanies them.

I left the other kinds of I Ching to Mom.

Then she presented this book to me when I visited earlier this year, with coins she chose (which makes them special! I have them in a baggie stapled to the back cover. :)) and the cheat sheet. And we did a couple of practice runs. I was still confused but it was better. But then again, my mommy was sitting next to me!

Slight digression: I remember my engineer dad trying to help me with math in high school. It was actually pre-algebra, which I tried to pass four years in a row… and didn’t. Mostly, I remember his face, which said, “What can I say that will make this make sense?” His face said that a lot! Addendum: I had to pass Algebra to get my first college degree. Luckily, I had by then found out I had a learning disability and was given some accommodations that helped, along with an extremely kind instructor who worked with me, along with a tutor. I got a B+!

Anyway, this book is totally cool because it gives an in-depth history of I Ching, and how it works, along with symbols, and a glossary. Remember those sticks I mentioned? There are 64 of them and they’re actually hexagrams. Each hexagram has many meanings — hence the chart. Ah, things begin to make sense!

It’s a nice-sized workbook with an easy-to-read font against bright white pages.

It is as easy to follow as you allow it to be. Me? Still having a little trouble navigating exactly what I’m doing. But I decided to write about it because YOU may not! As this is one of the most understandable workbooks on the subject I’ve seen, I just had to share it with you!

You’ll ask if I’ve done a reading recently… and the answer is… kind of? I know I’m not “there yet” on the process but I’m working on it. Still, and I believe this fully, even in my not-quite-there-yet-ness I am getting the message I need. As I progress, so will the message.

Let me know if this is something you enjoy and especially if you use it often. I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi hi hi! I took down the post. So sorry! I’m trying really hard to stay as “on point” as possible. I know, I know, don’t say it! I’m a dork.

    I’m feeling so good (both emotionally and physically) it should be a crime! This was truly a wake up call and I’m heeding the alarm.

    Yeah, it hurts but what hurts most is that it got to that point. I was in SO MUCH pain! I was doing much better at taking care of myself but not heeding the warnings of my body – namely, pain!

    Thank you for being a steadfast friend, Ana. I love you so much!


  2. Check out Osho’s cards and handbook. Easy peasy, and every little association is right there ~ numbers, colors, seasons, your mom’s middle name… The artist was hand picked, given all necessary materials and fully supported throughout. Good ol’ Osh.

    Hey, couldn’t click through to your “Checking In” post to “like” it. Read the full text in the notification email.

    Stay down, now. Don’t get all frisky the first moment you feel the tiniest bit better. DOWN, girl!

    Ah… What did I just sa-a-ay?… (I mean it, I’m still on the road, I could take a long left and then knock you out with another one, bee waaaarned) 🤪<<you

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