Family Secrets – It’s not like it used to be

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John Bradshaw was not a newcomer to the self-help landscape when this book came out, nor is he a newbie here on my site, as I’ve written about a couple of his books already.

I’ve also written about secrets before. Mostly about how secrets aren’t safe.

Family Secrets by the late John Bradshaw (d. May, 2016) is an amalgamation of everything discussed thus far.

I’ve hesitated talking about this book. In fact, other books that have touched on some similar ouchie spots of my own childhood and relationship with certain family members have been talked about only occasionally and to be honest, very carefully. In the case of one book in particular (Will I Ever Be Good Enough?) I was nearly sick pushing the “Publish” button.

See, here’s the thing: I find myself in a very precarious position. While I want to share the book(s) with you… because…

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