Wintering – Life’s grimalkin, no more!

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“Watching winter and really listening to its messages, we learn that effect is often disproportionate to cause; that tiny mistakes can lead to huge disasters; that life is often bloody unfair, but it carries on happening with or without our consent. We learn to look more kindly on other people’s crises, because they are so often portents of our own future.”―Katherine May

Wintering by Katherine May is the perfect book for today.

Today is the Winter Solstice 2020 – the shortest (in terms of daylight) day of the year. After that, it’s all downhill, baby, as we head into the blessedly-long days of summer.

But, until then…

I’ve been wintering since… uh… about 2014: The Year of Pain (Yikes! If the link is any indication – and it IS – then I’ve been talking about 2014 quite a lot!).

But if I’m honest with myself… it’s been more like……

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