Help Me – From One Self-Help Junkie to Another

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Hi, I’m Sheryl… and I’m a Self-Help Junkie.

So was Marianne Power. In the midst of her addiction, she tried something crazy-sauce (which nobody – but me – says anymore but should!). She took an armful of her fave self-help books and determined to spend a year actually *doing what they said*. The experience and results are documented in her book, “Help Me” (Subtitle: My Perfectly Disastrous Journey through the World of Self-Help).

First of all, I laughed. A lot. Humor is sooooo important when discussing self-help, which is why I’ve tried to keep a thread of it woven through this entire blog. Power is laugh-out-loud funny and honest. Her work is also thought-provoking. It’s one of my newer books (2018) and a keeper.

The first time the “ah-ha, yep, I hear ya” face occurred was only 9 pages in. And, I quote:

Why did…

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