Gaia International Alliance Humanity Leaders Top Pick Award 2023

I am blessed and humbled to have been chosen as a Top Pick Humanitarian Leader for Gaia International Alliance for 2023.

Gaia International Alliance created the Gaia International Alliance Humanity Leaders Top Pick Award to honor celebrate, and recognize leaders that have demonstrated exemplary compassion, ethics, and skill in the Humanitarian field.

My little corner of the internet ( is filled with as much knowledge, integrity, and light as I can share through my own words — and the words of fantastic authors, speakers, and the wise women and men I interview. Add in a dash of some vocal readers and commenters and you have a recipe for self-help success!

I share this achievement with leaders I admire and emulate. Some, I’ve known for years.

I’m asking myself…

How is it that I am included among them?

That’s where the word dumbstruck comes in!

Let’s face it… those who know me know… there’s not a lot that makes me silent! But an honor like this makes me sit down and ponder how very lucky and blessed I am!


Then *please* write a review! It helps to get the word out!

For a visual list of all those who were selected CLICK HERE


  1. Good morning, friend! I tried to write a review, but it required a membership for me to sign in. I’m probably just technically challenged! I’d love to participate; any thoughts?

    Peace and Every Good,Rebecca B. SmithSent from my iPhone


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