The Last Taboo – Mental Illness, thy name is Stigma

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TW: Discussion of mental health disorders, suicide ideation and a deep dive into stigma.

It seems only fitting that I link Canadian Amazon on a book about Mental Health in Canada. And so, let me introduce you to The Last Taboo by Scott Simmie and Julia Nunes. Written in 2001, it might seem outdated and of course, some of the numbers are. However, the premise of the book, told from the perspective of a person who has suffered from mental illness (Simmie) and his partner who lived with him (Nunes) it is just as relevant today.

Simmie and Nunes share their stories and ask you to consider yours, as we travel the crowded road with the millions of other Canadians who struggle and suffer with mental illness.

Confession: This is a book I almost didn’t write about because I got stuck. I read nearly all of it but truthfully, I…

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Our experiences are uncannily alike!❤️‍🩹

    Peace and Every Good,Rebecca B. SmithSent from my iPhone


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