Spiritually Sassy – Radical, baby!

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Just two days ago, I shared a teensy-tiny hint about this book. I’ve given it the once-over and now have gone back to the beginning to dig in and work the exercises. Good grief, people, this book ROCKS. But of course, I knew it would. Why? Because I follow the author on Instagram and … oh my gosh … he is FANTASTIC. Though, a head’s up… if cursing really bothers you… especially the F-word and all its incarnations… then you’ll probably want to skip the whole shebang. That would be a pity! It really, REALLY would!

spiritually sassy (yes, with small s’s) by Sah D’Simone is a book… and a movement… that will get your heart pumping. Like I said, I first saw him on Instagram. Many times!! Now, before you go running overwatch and listen to this one first. It’s easy and quiet and will give…

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