Love, Life & Lucille – A life well lived with ribbons

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My theory is that those at the very beginning and those near the end of life hold a special bond. It’s almost as if they’re so close to heaven, they can speak to each other without saying a word. – Judy Gaman, Love, Life, & Lucille (pg.122)

Of all the books to be in the middle of when my dad died, Love, Life & Lucille by Judy Gaman was… oh, I don’t know… difficult.

I was, in fact, heading into the pages of a downward turn. You see, when the book begins, Lucille has just turned 100. I mean, where else could it go but down?

Wait. What?

Scrap that!

This book is ANYTHING-BUT a downer. It’s an UPPER!

I LoVeD iT! ♡

Did I mention it’s a true story?

“Part memoir, part tribute,” we’re told on the back cover… and that, it is! I would add that it’s…

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