Unfu*k Yourself – Eff-word Proclamation

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I am starting at the end.

Thanks for coming! Bye-bye!

Ha!! Anyway…

I’d written more than half this review before speaking to my mother and sister. Since Dad passed, we’ve been checking in a few times a day on a group text. In the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I was reviewing this book, and my sister asked if it was a series? I said, yes, it looked like he’d written several with the same themes, cover art, etc. She said she’d read at least one and that she “LOVED” it.

This was interesting to me! Why? Because I hadn’t “LOVED” nor had I even “loved” (little L) this book. In fact, I’d “not liked” it and had written three-quarters of this post already.

So, which one of us is right? Or am I – once again – being too black-and-white?

As I was busy berating myself for…

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