I haven’t written a post like this for a million years

Back in the day when I was a very prolific writer on ye olde message boards (think late 1990s-early 2000s), I would be up late at night for one reason or another. Usually, it was because I was deeply, deeply engrossed in my problem du jour. It was my first marriage, or my guilt, my health, or… my shame, my kids, my this or my that, or any one of a zillion other things that the mind can conjure up after 12am.

I would wax poetic about my life…

It would usually begin something like this:

I am sitting here in the middle of the night, heartbroken (or sick with fear, scared for my children, depressed, anxious, or angry beyond belief, etc. etc. etc.) eyes burning from tears (cried and uncried) wondering where I go from here????

Don’t worry… tonight is different.

Phew! Am I right?

Here’s what happened…

Earlier today, I made the mistake of changing my plan on this here bloggin’ platform.

Many, many “ughs”.

See, I’d decided that the time had come to get back on board with my beloved (but recently neglected) website, now that we’re all moved in and my work schedule (while it has taken some time to get used to) feels almost normal.

Maybe I should upgrade and really take it up a notch, I thought!

Oh-my-freaking-God! If I ever think like that again, reach through the screen and grab me by the collar, will ya?

It was six hours of HELL, I tell ya!

It ended only minutes ago during a chat with WordPress support. The person was kind and helpful but there were (and are) still some blog posts missing, some photos missing, and I’d swear a portion of my brain, too.

Are you like me? Do technology issues drive you up the wall? I mean, from 0-60 on the frustration scale in a second flat?

I thought I was gonna lose my shiz-nat. Seriously. I was like… um… I know I’ve had this blog for five years but I think I’ll just delete it.

Luckily, I grabbed myself by the collar and had a chat.

So, here we are.

Folks, friends, and readers, I appreciate your patience with me as we pulled up stakes and moved across town — even though it felt like we moved across the country. In January. In our 60s.


But ya know…

We’re okay. Better than okay. I’ll share some pictures of the new spaces and places soon.

And more books are coming, I promise.

Finally, if you are wondering where a post you saw (but it’s now gone) went? To cyberspace, never be seen again. Self hep lesson: There are consequences to our actions, even unintentionally benign ones. *sigh*


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