A Triad: On Inherited Trauma

The Self-Help Whisperer®

This post will be a little different from others. I have chosen several excellent methods / modalities to convey this message:

Ancestral and inherited family dysfunction and trauma MATTERS but does not have to DEFINE you.

Let me tell how I came to study this at this moment of my life.


I don’t know.

As often happens, I am led to a topic for reasons I don’t understand.

Don’t get me wrong… like so many of you… there are some… things… that I (my mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother) knew (or at least guessed at) but didn’t discuss.

Maybe we wrote about them in a journal. Or talked to a therapist. Or shared with a trusted friend.

Or none of the above.

Oh, yes. There was something … out there… just beyond our reach.

And, to be clear, even though I said, “Mother” it is non-gender-or-family-member-specific. It’s…

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