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Body positivityis guided by the understanding that feeling positive and accepting of appearance can improve mental health, reduce the risk of eating disorders, and allow someone to function at their best.Taken from this website

All social movementsriskcommodification andbody positivityis no different. The biggest criticism comes in the form ofhealth concerns. Whether directed at thebody-positiveidol or society at large, many fear thatbody positivitypromotes obesity and excuses behaviours that stop people becoming or stayinghealthy. – Taken from this website

I am in the midst of reading four books. I do that sometimes… read a bit of one and then another and then yet another. Back and forth.

Sometimes, they all share a similar theme. Sometimes, not. This time? Kinda/ Sorta? But also, not really, unless you consider body shaming, prejudice, women’s issues, race issues, mental-health issues… hey, wait! Yeah, they all ARE sorta along the same vein. Kind of.

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