Winter Pals

So, I guess there is yet another side to my word this year: Surrender.

It’s an even more primal acceptance of the FACT that something is **really** wrong with my body and I need to push for what I need.

I called my doctor *again* this morning. Five times in a week is a charm?

Said I need prednisone because I can’t breathe. I get the antibiotics take time but my asthma is out of control for the first time in two decades.

She sent me for x-rays, listended to my chest (wheezing), prescribed the medication.

Tonight with dinner, I will take my first daily burst of the meds. Hopefully by morning, my lips won’t be tingling. And I’ll be able to breathe.

As I left her office on my way to the pharmacy, I stopped to capture this cute shot of two squirrel pals chasing each other in the snow. Then they noticed me and stopped on the tree trunk to pose.

It’s the little things!

And the BIG ones, like breathing.


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