You Were Not Born to Suffer – It’s about time!

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As many of you know, up until the last few weeks, I was mired in a bout of depression triggered by the death of my beloved dad – AND – not being able to get there because of this blasted pandemic. All of my original family (FOO) and my children live in the States. I live in Canada. Enough said about that… mostly because it’s been written about ad nauseam around here. Feel free to poke around my posts and archives, if you’re interested.

I have often said that everything happens for a reason. I’ve believed it, too! But then I think of a baby dying or how loving and lovable people die lingering, horrific deaths. Or hateful, ugly people get to live what seems to be a charmed life. I can’t explain that. Nobody can.

But still…

On page 35 of You Were Not Born to Suffer by Blake…

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