Tiny Photo Journal: A Short Walk on a Spectacular Day!

It seems like only last year that I was walking, walking, walking for my health and happiness (along with talking to Dad on the other side – and his leaving of feathers).

In fact, that was TWO years ago. I can’t believe it!

(As an aside, I must apologize again for deleting so many posts that detailed my journey that year. Heck, I deleted way more… but at this moment, those particular posts feel very “missing” indeed! )

Last year, everything was different. I was working full-time. There were attacks on women in “my” beautiful forest. I got Covid. (Blah. Blah. Blah. Insert generic excuse here.) The point is, I didn’t get in many walks. Not like the year before… that’s for darned sure!

Today was my first day off during a glorious, warm week here in the Niagara Region. I wanted to take advantage of it… cuz yeah… we could get another snowfall. Not joking.

I was *so* looking forward to a good, long walk.

REALITY CHECK: Oh, yeah. It takes time to get back in shape, especially after surgery in early winter and a nasty bout with pneumonia last month.


My first clue that I wouldn’t be able to jump right back into it? My hand cramping up when I grabbed the doorknob of our apartment door. Yas, for realssssssss. I have x-number of arthritis… es?… or is it arthritii plural? Haha. When uncomfortable, always deflect with humor. Some days, I feel like I’m falling apart and every bit a nearly-65 years old.

BUT!!! I didn’t let it stop me. YaY!

I went to one of my fave places with a short path, next to the water, and walked back and forth as much as I could.

Weather permitting, I hope to get back to long, daily walks this summer. If I’m serious about this, I’ll have to schedule around my work hours. Maybe I can drag my husband along. Wish me luck!


Things are just beginning to pop, so my photos are not *that* beautiful or exciting… but it’s a beginning.


First, look at these little buds! Spring is springing!

Scenes from the path…

And finally, some feathered friends…


  1. That level of weakness is so familiar to me, and what I have had to learn about it is this: ignore it and keep pushing yourself at your peril! Rest, girl. Down. Now stay. Staaaaaaaay…. Good gi ~ no, now DOWN! That’s better. Rest. You rest. Good girl. Yes. That’s rest-ing. Good girl (you’d better be) 👩‍❤️‍👩

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