I Feel Too Much – Yeah, me too!

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I Feel Too Much by Alicia McBride was sent to me as a Book Review Request. I was sent a PDF of the book and was not otherwise compensated for this review.

Not a new subject for me, this whole empath-thingy. In fact, I could have declined to review this book for redundancy… except… IT’S NOT REDUNDANT! Yay, yay, yay! More on that in a moment.

This is a highly polished, well-written, simple-to-understand book by a clairvoyant, wise woman, and empath who just happens to have degrees in Psychology and Interior Design. She also says things like, “Shit hits the fan,” which I call Earthy Language. She is an eclectic! My kind of person!

What makes this book shine is McBride’s own unique voice. Yes, some of what she says will feel very familiar indeed, but SHE is the one saying it, so it has her own…

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