Picture(s) of the Day – Soulful Walk

There is a walk I’ve always meant to take but never did… until today!

It (perhaps) wasn’t the best day for it as we’re between seasons (no foliage to speak of)… but it was still meaningful and uplifting for my soul!

I’d seen it during a drive to take photos of the attached cemetary in the winter — years ago. While I’d thought of it off and on through the years, I’d never made it back. Today, I decided to just go!

So, yay! It’s only April and I’ve made it out for a couple of walks! I can’t wait until it warms up and I can get out more often! Though I have to say, it sure felt pretty glorious at 65 degrees! LOL Up here in Ontario, Canada… that’s flip-flop weather! LOL

Onto the photos…

I love this welcoming bench and message. Ain’t it the truth?

Along the path, there are headstones, which might seem macabre to some… but not to me! I’m sure those who wanted to be included felt (or feel) like I do… that it would be a peaceful walk of solitude for someone in mourning, surrounded by beauty. I said “felt (or feel)” becuase what was super interesting to me were the headstones carved and ready to go… but only had a birth day, no death day… yet. Planning ahead, I see! Smart thinkin’!

As it turns out, it was a moment of solitude for me… not in mourning but in search of a peaceful afternoon walk.

Normally, there would be a canape of trees… I’ve seen them… but not yet.

There were a few wise and humorous epitaphs but this one really tickled me…

And just some lovely scenes…

The one thing I know for sure is that I WAS NOT aware of all the lovely places and spaces to walk until I WENT LOOKING.

Have YOU gone looking? I bet you could find some peaceful moments of your own, too. I wish you’d tell us about them. Please feel free to comment… ANY TIME!

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