Bio-Moment – Meet Sherry

As you can see, you have entered the halls of my teeny, tiny art gallery.

My inner child is in charge of this one… her name is Sherry, which is what my parents, grandparents, and sister call(ed) me.

I like Sherry. And lately, I’m letting her stretch her wings a little more!

I see her as a curious, playful, round and bubbly person with curly hair and a twisted sense of humor… at least, on the outside.

On the inside, she’s a tender-hearted little girl who gets hurt easily, loves fiercely and would give anything to frolic in nature 2/47. She loves animals, kind people, and cake.

She also loves art. All kinds… but mostly the kind you do with your hands.

She’s been busy drawing and coloring lately, as you will see.

Here are a few little creations from my favorite inner-child. I hope you enjoy them!

PS: Please, please tell me you do stuff like this! If not, you SHOULD.


  1. Little Becki loves to make cookies, bread, and pie and share them and delight in people’s smiles!

    Rebecca Smith Sent from my iPhone


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