Easy like Sunday – The Library

One thing I’ve often done — and it has been the death knell for my blogs — is to insist (to myself) that I will write daily. This blog will be different. This time around, I’ve decided to set aside Sundays for either a short check-in, like today, or to spend it away from the computer entirely. Isn’t this what “self-help” is all about?

I’m really lucky! Our local library is not only open for several hours on Sundays… it’s drop-dead gorgeous! The two photos I’ve shared are from the grounds. It’s also really nice on the inside and has a great selection of anything you might expect in a library… and then some!

Consequently, I picked up a book on a drug-free plan to help pain (which I will certainly be sharing about here, after I’ve read it!) and two audio books on CD. On the way home, I put in the first disk of Kate Mulgrew’s autobiography Born With Teeth, read by the author, which is almost-always the best! Unless they suck at reading out loud. Don’t laugh. Some really do! It’s torture to listen! Also, as a short aside: I adore Kate Mulgrew and have since the Ryan’s Hope days (a scene with Kate Mulgrew from Ryan’s Hope from YouTube). I can hardly wait to get into this book! It’s something I do on my way to and from work. I have about a half hour drive, so plenty of time to “read” and learn. It’s definitely something I do for myself!

I also noticed the library is hosting a pain management clinic this week. I will be trying to go… though it all depends on how my day job goes.


Point is, the library is a place I love. My husband likes it okay… but he isn’t like me that way. I just walk in a library or bookstore and my blood pressure goes down! True bliss. This means it’s all about me… self-help at its finest, wouldn’t you say?

I encourage you to take a day away from the computer and find a spot you can go that’s free — or close to it. Remember those “Take Yourself on a Date” days I mentioned in this post? This is the kind of thing I’m thinking of…

Enjoy your Sunday, friends and readers. You deserve it!



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