What Mama Taught Me – This Book is a Lighthouse

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In doing research for today’s book, I read a ton about the author Tony Brown, host of the longest-running series on PBSTony Brown’s Journal.

So, what I guess I’ll say first is that What Mama Taught Me is intelligent, conversational and personal. It’s also very “woke” before the word came into being.

I like the inclusion it brings to the table.

This is not a black-or-white book. It’s not a race book at all, unless you’re talking about the human race. Back in 2003, which now feels so very long ago, it might have been controversial to suggest such a thing. These days, with BLM, it certainly would not be the focus… but, then… yes, I sense it was a gentle way of including us all.

The book also inspired me to go back to my childhood and take another look at the things my own mother…

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