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I had no idea that Indigo Books (and Button Poetry) created little special editions. I do now!

Depression & Other Magic Tricks could have been written by me. Kinda. But also not, since it wasn’t. It was written by Sabrina Benaim. She’s way younger than I am, though you’d never be able to tell from her writing, which I adore. Lots of small letters, as in, no capitals to begin a sentence. In that way, she and I are nothing alike. Except we totally are.

Confused yet?

Let’s see if this helps…

Her description of the first depressive episode she ever experienced, in tenth grade:

“it looks a lot like not wanting to go to school. eating my feelings. have a lot of stomach aches. fights with my mom. reading books to avoid having to socialize. saying “i’m fine” in an annoyed tone…”

Oh, Lord. Sounds like a…

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