Find Your Pleasure – A Professional Sensualist?

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Every heard of a “professional sensualist”?

Me, neither!

Cynthia Loyst is a self-proclaimed one!

Find Your Pleasure is about how we clunky humans fall into “pleasure deficits” – and let’s face it, Ladies (and Gents), we so often do! – and pulling ourselves back into the things that bring us … well… pleasure. Obviously. I mean, the book *is* called “Find Your Pleasure”! And boy, it certainly lives up to its name!

To begin, it is a lovely-looking book, with a peach, white, and black theme throughout.

There are beautiful photos threaded through this memoir and guidebook that teaches us how to indulge ourselves in the best possible ways!

Published in 2020, Loyst knew what we needed! After a year in solitude, most of us had gained the “Pandemic 15 lbs” and worn out (or burst through!) every pair of sweat/ yoga pants we owned.

Beautiful and healthy alternatives did…

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