Girl, Wash Your Face – Girl, I Just Don’t Feel Ya!

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I’ve kept this book on the shelf for six months. I kept meaning to write about it. Also, I didn’t. Mean to write about it, I mean.

Yes, there’s a story.

When I wrote about Rachel Hollis‘ other book, Girl, Stop Apologizing, I called it, “Fantastic!”

I might have called Girl, Wash Your Face “Fantastic!,” too.


See, it all began when I started my health journey and went in search of videos of encouragement from weight loss gurus. I found the YouTube channel ObesetoBeast and started watching because he lost a boatload of weight, had loose skin surgery, and I liked his mojo.

Then I found his videos on “Health at Every Size” and “Body Positivity” – both resonated with me deeply.

I began to check out all of his stuff. That’s when I ran across this:

Of course, I remembered her from…

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