Gone Visitin’ in Sunny California

I started a blog post on the day I left for California (last Thursday) and figured I would finish it up from my phone when I had a moment.

Hahaha ha!

The WordPress app said “No can-do !”

I am, in fact, writing this on my phone’s note app to transfer over here.


Because … when I tried to write it directly on my blog, the system kept erasing it. When I went online on my phone’s browser… same verse, same as the first.

By this time, I wanted to throw my phone out a window. We *all* know how maddening technology can be! Am I right?


Not sure if you remember but last November I was on my way to see my daughter, her husband and my grandson for Thanksgiving when a chunk of ice flew off a semi on the highway … and into our windshield.

We were forced to turn back home after we’d made it half way to the airport. The weather was crappy already (obviously) and I’m not sure if we would have been able to take off anyway… but it still felt like a sock in the gut.

I cried for three days.

I hadn’t held the little (now big!) guy since before Covid!

But now… I’m here!!

So, as you can imagine….

It’s Grandma time, folks!

I’ll be back back to writing new posts next Friday and /or Saturday.

In the meantime, here are some pretty flower photos from Cali!

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