Mind to Matter – It all begins with a thought…

The Self-Help Whisperer®

I’m going to tell you a few things right up front…

  1. This is a Mom’s Pick
  2. This will take a commitment of at least a week (or in my case, a month)
  3. This is an beautifully-written book about how reality meets impossibility
  4. You will question everything you’ve ever believed OR think it’s all crap-on-a-stick

Mind to Matter by Dawson Church shares two diverse thoughts:

  1. Thoughts become things
  2. Thoughts do NOT become things

Now that that’s cleared up!


Pertaining to the above…

  1. I love how this book clarifies that everything in our daily lives – coffee, a chair, our vehicle, and clothing, etc – was once just a thought in someone’s mind. In this way, “Thoughts become things” is very tangible and true, indeed! It also means that we can think our way into or out of a certain situation (a great job interview, meeting the right partner, being “led”…

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