The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up – Set Your Alarm! Worth it!

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The name Enneagram comes from the Greek: Ennea is the Greek word for nine and Gramma means something that’s drawn or written. (Link)

This book was sent to me to review. Yep, I love this “job” that’s mostly pleasure!

Have I ever written about the Enneagram?



Why is that?

I had to think on it for a bit…

You know, honestly… I think a part of it is the spelling of the word “Enneagram”. See, I have learning disabilities in the areas of spelling… oh, and math (i.e. anything with numbers).


Weirdly spelled word + numbers and charts = Danger to Sheryl the LD Adult.


The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up by Beatrice Chestnut, PhD and Uranio Paes, MM (the MM stands for A Master of Management degree – because I knew you’d want to know, as I did) is…


First, the…

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