Home & Healing With a Hint of Gross

While on vacation with my incredible daughter and family, she presented me with a gift bag full of whimsy. There were crystals, a Tree of Life necklace, a handmade felt goldfinch, a canvas pencil bag (with a cat on it, of course!), a coin purse, a card, and drawings from my grandson.

Oh, and one more thing! A tiny zen litter box. You know, the kind of box used for cat poops. And so, of course, there are tiny cats included. But they don’t poop. They just sit there and look adorable. A picture of the setup is featured. I LOVE IT! Adorable and yet gross. Am I right?

So, I have returned from California without too much drama. Except that I’m sick. Again. But truthfully, I kinda knew I would be. I was, after all, still recovering from bronchitis. The doctor I saw days before I left gave me her blessing and sent me on my way. “Not much we can do,” she said. “I wouldn’t even take cold medicine,” she said on my way out. “It won’t help. You just have to let it run its course.”

“Will I get anyone sick?” I asked.

Her answer? “Nah.”

Alrighty then.

I was a dutiful mask-wearer on both flights (there and back)… one of about five people on a packed-to-the-gills aircraft (again, both ways).

What else can I say? I tried.

Still, I came home with a wicked cough, runny nose, and one ear that hadn’t popped on the descent and was throbbing. It still hadn’t opened up after an hour on the ground. It hurt like the dickens and I couldn’t hear out of that ear at all.

Oh, and I surprised my husband with a newly acquired cane. Why? Because my knee decided to take a dump (haha, a nod to the litter box above) a day BEFORE I left for the trip. I tried to be a trooper but my daughter insisted I get a cane and USE the darned thing if we were to continue walking ANYwhere. She was right. Smarty pants.


I flew in at 9:45pm, it was dark and there was – unbeknownst to us – construction on the highway. Detours, flashing lights… and… not now!!!!… a visual migraine.

I all but screamed at the universe… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I mean, after I took a pill and closed my eyes for 30 minutes.

It’s actually all pretty disconcerting, ya know?

My ear did its thing (snapping and crackling) over the course of the next hour… and then *P O P* it was finally clear and pain-free. Woo Hoo!

So yes, I’m back and have been quietly recovering at home. I feel better today and am back to work tomorrow. On Mother’s Day. Have I mentioned I don’t love working on Sundays?

I will be back to write about books and stuff soon. Sorry for the delay!

Here’s to a warm and welcoming week ahead. ♡ And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!


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