Selenite – First in a series about CRYSTALS!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Several things came into play to create this series.

First, I love crystals. They’re sparkly and shiny and I love, love, love sparkly and shiny things!

Second, it may have taken me years to start collecting crystals but once I did, I was hooked. I don’t have a million but I have a small but mighty collection.

Third, I got a couple of books (about crystals, obviously!) as gifts.

Fourth, I won a beautiful crystal water bottle.

Note: Of *course* I shared the bounty about all of the above with you guys… as shown in these posts that include mentions of my crystals.

Finally, and perhaps the most important catalyst (of the moment)… I found these neato crystal wisdom healing oracle cards (I could only find them for you on Amazon Canada, sorry!). I bought them at a local bookstore. *sigh*.

They have gorgeous photos of the crystals with metallic-silver…

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