The Cottage Fairy Companion – Old Soul

How does this twenty-something beauty encompass so much wisdom? I’m asking seriously. Not that I expect an answer. I sure haven’t figured it out!

Paola Merrill can write. Very, very well.

She also paints, cooks, and creates.

She speaks with a soothing, melodic voice that invites you in.

She walks barefoot in the forest. Loves animals. Picks flowers and makes them into wreaths or bows above her windows.

And, she adds peaceful music and puts it all together on her YouTube channel.

As you watch and listen, you will melt like the candles she surrounds herself with while in her cottage… not that she needs them… as she personifies light!

The Cottage Fairy Companion is the tangible companion to all that she does.


I expected nothing less.

This woman is an old soul — CLEARLY — and I feel blessed to have stumbled across her in my online travels.

Nobody told me about her. I wasn’t sent her book to review. This find is all mine! Well, mine and million other followers!

Buying her book was a no-brainer. I *knew* I had to have it.

With an introduction like that, you might expect Merrill to have at least a bit of an ego. So many influencers do.

Nope! Not this one!

Her humility and beauty exude from all that she does… and while I think she appreciates what she creates, I’ve never had the idea that she thinks it’s special. Nor does she present herself as someone special.

But… SHE IS!

And the best part? SHE SHARES.

And now… YOU… feel special, too!

This little book is the kind of thing you’ll want to pick up when you’re feeling blue. Or pink! It will sit on your coffee (or bedside) table just waiting quietly to be relished.

You won’t need a bookmark. It’s not that kind of book. Unless you want one of her recipes, then maybe you’ll need one… or two.

The drawings throughout the book are hers. She has a little Etsy shop selling cards and things she’s created. Check it out HERE! It’s how she makes her living, along with her YouTube channel and working part-time at a local bookstore. (I know, right? As if there weren’t a more perfect job for her!)

She creates art out of anything and everything… including words.

Merrill’s journey to the cottage was not a simple one. She was an anxious, workaholic, university student with an eating disorder. She wanted to control everything around her and found that healing came by LETTING GO. There are still struggles, of course, she is human (after all). But she has turned her attention to the cyclic nature of… well… nature. The setup of this book – and her life – follow the same rhythm… ebb and flow… of the seasons of nature.

I don’t normally do this but as I conclude, I would like to share the blurb on the back of the book. It perfectly encapsulates what’s in this gem.

Please do yourself a favor and buy (and keep) this one! You deserve it! And you’ll be helping her to create more of what she does best…

Which is pretty much everything.

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