Demystifying Disability – More than an ally

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It’s my passion to move toward a more accepting, loving, equitable world. – Emily Ladau (pg. 74)

When I was sent the request to review Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau, the publicity manager had no idea that this subject is VERY near-and-dear to my heart. She saw that I was a self-help book reviewer and wondered if I’d be interested in a subject that certainly dances around the edges of self-help but isn’t self-help, per se.

I was quick to write back and say that any book that helps people to communicate effectively with their fellow-humans is a “go” on this site!

Then, I explained that I come from a disabilities background… from WAY back. I shared a little bit about my work at the college… but it goes back further than that. Let me explain.

My grandfather was a doctor in a residential state hospital that…

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