REQUESTS: Book Reviews, Collabs & Guest Posting

Please read and follow the directions given below, as I’ve found it is the best way for me to keep things organized and not lose sight of your important work! Thanks so much in advance!

And a BIG THANK YOU for requesting a review, collaboration, and/ or to guest post on my website. It means you’ve been here and read! I appreciate you!

Agents & Authors~Want Me To Review your book?

What you need to know ahead of time!

  • I intend to read and review every submission that comes across my desk but I make no promises.
  • Once accepted, you will hear from me by email.
  • Please note: It can take up to 8 weeks for a review to be published.
  • If I agree to read a submission and cannot find something positive to say, I will not publicly review it. Neither of us would want that for you. You will hear back from me with the reason(s).
  • I may choose not to review your book for reasons that are my own (ex: a poorly written email or manuscript, pushiness, or bad juju), and am under no obligation to explain my reasons to you. You will not hear back from me. No disrespect given or implied and I wish you well.

If – after reading the above – you’re interested in having me review your work

Please provide the following information to

  • Title of book
  • Author name with website
  • Link to where the book can be purchased
  • Other socials with links – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • PDF, e-book, or a request to mail a hard copy

I believe it is a privilege to read your books. I look forward to hearing from you!

Guest Posting

At this time, I am not accepting submissions as I’m a one-woman show.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

I will save your email and should that change in the future, I will get back in touch. 


While I am an all-inclusive self-help site, my main focus is self-help books. Therefore, at this time, I am only accepting collaboration requests from publishers.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

I will save your email and should collaborations become available in the future – and your business is a good fit – I will contact you.

Sheryl Nelsen Hutton / The Self-Help Whisperer®