Your Body Believes Every Word You Say – One of the truest titles, ever!

The Self-Help Whisperer®

Reading Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by the late Barbara Hoberman Levine (2014) wasn’t easy. After all, I suffer, as you know, from health anxiety. <<< Link to every time I’ve mentioned it in this blog. And yes, it’s a lot, and also yes, it’s a significant issue.

Although, over the last year, I’ve gotten *ever so slightly* better. I give credit to a few things, including my love of all-things Doc Martin, a TV show I would normally skip, given the whole doctor-y thing. I’m very careful about medical shows of any kind, given they might mention symptoms I have, which in turn means I have whatever disease the TV doc is diagnosing.

It’s very simple, really, and also very complex. I’m an enigma. Go figure.

Anyhow, this book…

I would have thought Levine would be a prolific writer but in fact, this is her only…

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