Photography as self-help – Let there be light!

Ah, a theme. 🙂

I was going through my photos, deciding what I would share today, when I realized I search out certain things through the lens. I am all about “the feels” and snap what moves me.

Time after time, I saw light. And it occurred to me that one of my first boards on Pinterest was Light. In a way, it’s what I’ve always been searching for. (Not good grammar but it’s what it is!)


I will begin with this photo, taken in “my room” several years ago. I had this blank wall, you see. We rent, so I couldn’t paint it. What did I do? I got washable glue, scissors and construction paper…  and built a tree! That’s what you see in the background.

It’s no longer there, as it faded from the sun and began to look less vintage and more thrift shop after a while. So, I took it down. But you know, I loved it while I had it.

Oh, and “my room” is still my room, mostly. It was where I went when Mr. Snore-y-Head called out to his people at 3am. He’s since gotten a C-Pap and all is good but the room has been taken over by me and my pretty stuffs. That’s okay because he gets his guitars and “recording studio” in our bedroom. Win/Win!

Here are a few others from around the house. Just little bursts of light, here and there. The little terrarium is a gift from my beloved on my birthday — it is a fairyland for me to escape to when I’m feeling blue (like yesterday). I’m super visual and can put myself right in there!

That’s what got me to thinking about all this anyway. The featured photo is a lighthouse in the snow… I took it yesterday on my way home from work. I’m always looking for light everywhere, don’cha know?!

When we’re driving around, I like to take photos, too… of whatever catches my eye. As you can see, it’s often light. These are all from the Niagara Falls area. I love the reflections on the rainy street and the light peaking around the corner of a building. Is it the moon? I don’t remember!

Of course, I must share the Falls… right? This was taken with my phone and not very good… but you get the idea.


Living by the Falls is an experience I never expected. Being a native Californian (well, until I was 40) I took our ocean, deserts and mountains for granted. Don’t get me wrong… I loved it all… but I had nothing to compare it to… until now.

I have to tell you that when I visit my family back home, I appreciate the beauty. But when I’m back here, which is also my home, I do NOT take it for granted. Every photo on my site here is mine (unless stated otherwise). From the frigid snowscapes in winter to the melting humidity of summer (and everything in between) it is sublime. Always breathtaking!

But I digress. Now where was I? Oh yes, my search for light.

We don’t have a real fireplace, but we make-do. So does Hannah. I have one of these “fireplaces” in our living room and one in “my room”. They’re also heaters… but you can turn on the “flames” without the heat. It looks darned-near real at night.


But then, a visit to a friend’s house gets the real thing… and there’s something about the crackling and energy of a real fire, isn’t there?4 010

Ah yes…

Light is my quest… in all things, light.

Light for my path, light for my encounters, light for relationships and light for my spiritual well-being and mental health. I’m so glad my God provided a permanent one.



  1. Just found all your new likes. Please someday write us all a post on the benefits of initiative and wholehearted proactive loving outreach in potentially compromised communications, in the interests of preserving valuable warm wonderful friendships, as you have just done!

    Much love to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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