Picture(s) of the Day -“Cemetery Souls”

You know me. I love cemeteries!

I was driving around taking pictures of the snow and it was a little stressful because I would see a beautiful space – or corner – and couldn’t stop because the snow was piled in the shoulder of the road.

Then I decided to go to the cemetery and I felt my blood pressure drop on the spot. The closer I got, the deeper my breathing.

I wasn’t disappointed! You’ll see!

Take for example these first three photos. If you saw them in a book or show, you’d think they were taken on three different days!

And, to be clear, there are no filters!

I stayed for about 30 minutes and I talked to the souls, as I always do!

One thing I do… I ask their permission to take photos. You may think this is ridiculous but more and more I’m realizing that giving respect to ALL living things – on earth or in heaven – is the way to go!

Urban sprawl?

And finally… you know I’ve never met a bench I didn’t like!


  1. “ To be clear, there are no filters!” Hahaha! That’s a pun!! 😂

    Once I spent time in the Pioneer era graveyard of a little mountain town to which I was thinking of moving.

    There all the old timers were, lying back with, you know, sprigs of hay sticking up from their mouths.

    “Do you think it’s okay for me to be here?” I asked. “After all, I’m not a baptized Catholic…”

    “We-e-e-ll,” came the answer, “‘pears t’us you’re a better Catholic than some Catholics we know!”

    Haha — I think the sense of humor improves at death, don’t you?

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