I Feel Too Much – Yeah, me too!

I Feel Too Much by Alicia McBride was sent to me as a Book Review Request. I was sent a PDF of the book and was not otherwise compensated for this review.

Not a new subject for me, this whole empath-thingy. In fact, I could have declined to review this book for redundancy… except… IT’S NOT REDUNDANT! Yay, yay, yay! More on that in a moment.

This is a highly polished, well-written, simple-to-understand book by a clairvoyant, wise woman, and empath who just happens to have degrees in Psychology and Interior Design. She also says things like, “Shit hits the fan,” which I call Earthy Language. She is an eclectic! My kind of person!

What makes this book shine is McBride’s own unique voice. Yes, some of what she says will feel very familiar indeed, but SHE is the one saying it, so it has her own spin. It’s just one of those neat things this book brought out for me: We ALL have our own spin, don’t we?


Like many who call ourselves empaths… McBride absorbed the energies around her… for… YEARS… before she figured out that her depression and suicidal ideation was the result of 20 years of other-people’s baggage.

(I have soooooo been there!)

And yeah, she tried the medication route, as so many of us have.

(In my case, once again, for years.)

And then came alternative options like yoga, acupuncture, massage and Reiki. Ah… she’d found her people! But it didn’t explain WHY she absorbed all that energy around her. She didn’t realize that until her mid-thirties, when she read an article about Empaths. With more research, the floodgates opened and understanding rushed in.

(Could have written that myself!)

This book is about everything she learned!


  1. Ground and Protect
  2. Release and Let Go
  3. Practice Self Care
  4. Try Different Healing Modalities
  5. Find Your Tribe
  6. Go Within & Seek Your Answers
  7. Being An Empath is Awesome

I’m not going to tell you everything about The 7 Steps because I want you to get the book and find out for yourselves.

I love how it’s written! It’s a wonderfully conversational book… and feels like you and your friend Alicia are sitting on a park bench under a tree, chatting, laughing, and maybe even crying a little.

McBride feels very authentic and friendly… the kind of person I’d like to know in real life.

My Thoughts:

When I began this blog in 2017, I thought that I’d talk about certain subjects and probably never touch them again. I mean, there’s enough self-help fodder out there to last a lifetime, ya know?

So many subjects, voices and personalities!

A funny thing happened…

Like a carousel, there are all sorts of painted animals on the same trip around and around… each, a part of the cacophony. All going to the same place in their own way.

The first time I wrote about an empath book, it was August 14, 2019. The next time was on June 11, 2020 – and this one, I’d say is the “most famous” book on the subject. Surely, I thought, I was finished talking about the subject, besides my own empath stories being interspersed throughout posts.

Then, this request came in…

I was apprehensive, because I didn’t want a repeater. I do that enough in my every-day life. But this book taught me that unique voices make subjects new again! So, thank you, Alicia McBride!

As you can tell, I found all sorts of awesome things in the experience of reading and reviewing this book.

It’s a keeper!


PS: What makes this book a bit different from the rest is explained in the subtitle: A How-To Guide for the Beginner Empath. Beginner. Love that!

PSS: I also love the doodling art style throughout the book. Black-and-white drawings that make me want to color something… maybe later!

PSSS: McBride’s website is http://healinglightempath.com/. I had some problems accessing this site today but saw it last week. Not sure if it’s going through an update or reconstruction. But I wanted you to have it for the future.

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