Photography as self-help – Let it snow!

I love snow. I hate it, too. I mostly love it in December and hate it on January 1st through April. And yes, we’ve had snow in April. Can you imagine?

When I lived in California, snow was a treat. It was also chosen, by which I mean, you would choose whether or not to “go to the snow”. It did not come to you.

The last fifteen years or so I was there, I lived in the High Desert, which is “up the hill” for you Southern Cali folks. It’s also on the way to Vegas, off the 15… if you live there you’ll know what I mean by that. 🙂 It can get to 120 degrees in the summer. It’s a “dry heat” and I must tell you that it matters. I mean, not so much at 120, when you feel like you’ve stepped into your oven on the broiler setting. But, if it’s 100 degrees “dry” compared to “humid” you *know* the difference. Mostly, it’s in the breathing. As an asthmatic, dry air is so much easier to breathe than wet, heavy air. But I digress.

It snows in the High Desert. Not like here, of course, but it can get icy cold – we used to take a credit card and scrape off the windshields – and it can snow up to an inch or two. That was big doin’s. Let me tell you though, it was very dangerous for driving. There is no salt or sand for the roads and as you know, many people have NO IDEA how to drive on dry roads, let alone slick (with snow) ones.

Reminds me of a story about my first (late) husband. He dropped me off at work and was on his way to his job. I said, “Be careful going over that bridge. The wind blows under it and that light dusting of snow will be like a sheet of ice.”

He sneered at me. “Haha! You worry too much!”

Guess who called me fifteen minutes later? You know, from the bridge, where he slid into another car.

Is it wrong that I laughed? Nobody was hurt. Ahem. Anyway.

Snow. Here’s some from around the ‘hood:

It’s like night and day, isn’t it? Actually, it is. I make me laugh.

As you may know, I am a big fan of water. When it’s frozen, it’s absolutely stunning!


And like my featured image… you gotta love frozen trees!


Sometimes, on the really short, dark days, I just drive around and look for “scenes” that catch my eye. I especially like roads that curve to … who knows where?… as you will see in many of my shots on these photography pages.

And just as soon as I can’t stand it for one more second.. the thaw begins. The sun comes out and is warm… and melts the snow and my heart…

And I am thankful…

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