the power of you – Yes, with lower case letters

“Fear hates daylight, so it usually comes by cloak of darkness to haunt. It arrives when you’re not at the helm when you’re not really conscious of your own thinking.” Chris Michaels

I love the quote above SO MUCH. It resonates… it speaks to me. The word “haunt” appeals to me… much like I discussed HERE in a post I titled, “Haunted”. Well, it was actually about a book called, “I’m Looking Through You” and I subtitled it “Haunted”. Not to put too fine a point on it. Ha!

I think I was a tortured soul in another life. In this one, I was attracted to tortured souls; poets and artists, abusers, and the strong, silent types. Until I decided that I was tired of being the welcome mat for all sorts of foot wiping.

But I digress.

The Power of You (in caps because I feel like it) by Chris Michaels has those beautiful cut pages I love.

Man, l love how antique-y and pretty it looks. I know it doesn’t mean a book is high quality or good… but … dang, it makes me want to be very careful like it’s precious. Kind of reminds me of a spiritual work… and, actually… it is.

Yes, God is mentioned, as is Spirit. Yes, it is … Christian. The Bible is mentioned. But it’s not hit-you-over-the-head.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen this book today is the dichotomy between much of what I’ve shared lately which is a little … uh… new-age leaning. I like to keep things balanced. 😊

This book is filled with quotable advice, exercises, and inspiration. It’s well-written and well-rounded.

The point of the book is to lift you to your full potential. Michaels suggests that God never created you to have a small, weak, or frightening life. And this is where the whole fear-thing kicks in.

In this book, Life with a capital L can be replaced with God… and no matter what you call It, It wants the best for you.

This leads us right back to the “You” in the title, even with lowercase letters on the front cover. This book is ultimately about YOU … and me… us. And realizing our worth, finding joy, and being authentically who we are!

I’m keeping it on the shelf because it looks lovely on the outside. The inside ain’t bad, either.

Final note: In 2014, The Power of You was awarded a Nautilus Award Silver Medal in the Personal Growth Category. The Nautilus Award seeks and promotes well-written and well-produced books with messages about caring for, understanding, and improving every aspect of our life and relationships. <<< Taken from


  1. Sounds like one I should purchase! Hope you are well, my friend.



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