Picture of the Day – The Sheryl Files

My peeps, it had to happen.

I’m depressed. And oh-so anxious.


I wanted to go out and get some shots on this fantastic, unusually warm, November Sunday…



I stayed in bed and played Candy Crush while my husband had assignments – out there- you know, in the world. (He’s a reporter.)

So, yeah… no new photo today.

Instead, I’ve dug back through The Sheryl Files… into 2017 … to resurrect this beautiful photo. Cuz I wanna and it’s stunning! I didn’t create it. God did!

I will also let you know that I have some BIG plans for upcoming weeks, including a terrific new self-help book and follow up interview with the author! BOTH!! It’s *that* special.

So, let’s all hang tight through these early “dark days” of winter. We gotta make it to December 21 and then the light of days hangs around longer. 🌞

We will prevail, I know!

Added note: Alex Trebek died this morning. I actually wept. I thought for sure he’d beat cancer. I’m broken-hearted. 💔 May his courage and grace be a beacon for all of us.

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